Workr Compliance Collaborate With STR Group

With the Off Payroll Private Sector Reform just around the corner, Workr Compliance have collaborated with recruitment agency STR Group to help them prepare for the changes and support their largest clients.

Below, we explore what the collaboration means for STR Group – as well as what you can do if you’re yet to prepare for the IR35 changes in April 2021.

Supporting business as usual

Working in collaboration with Andrew Webster and the Workr Compliance team, STR Group wants to support engagers, meet their business objectives and maintain business as usual ahead of the reform and beyond.

David James, Engineering Programme Director at STR Group, said the collaboration between STR and Workr would provide consultancy to their largest clients, and reiterate their message that IR35 preparation needs to start now.

Helping clients take reasonable care

It’s not just about preparing either. Businesses need to ensure that they are preparing in the right way – and that includes showing reasonable care and not just using blanket determinations. After all, scoping your projects and the IR35 status of your contractors is just the beginning.

Once you’ve determined the status of your projects, you need to highlight how and why you came to that decision, demonstrating that you’ve thoroughly reviewed an individual’s contracts and working practices among other factors. IR35 compliance isn’t just about the initial status assessment either – it’s about continuously assessing your projects, ideally every 12 months as a minimum. This is something that Workr Compliance will be supporting STR Group with.

Ensuring proper preparation

Despite having originally meant to come into effect in April 2020, many businesses are still yet to prepare for IR35. And now, with the UK economy struggling amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many are warning that the government may use non-compliance as a means of raising capital.

Recent stories, including that of Transport for London, also highlight that HMRC will treat all those suspected of non-compliance equally, regardless of the organisation. In fact, compliance of the entire supply chain is at the forefront of the government’s mind. STR Group recognises the value of having a robust process in place ahead of time in order to be compliant from the get-go.

Turn to us for support

At Workr Compliance, we’re not only dedicated to helping end clients, agencies and contractors prepare for the Off Payroll Private Sector Reform, but we also want to get more people talking about it. IR35 shouldn’t be feared. In fact, it brings with it an opportunity while attracting and retaining talent.

It’s for this reason that we have decided to launch a new webinar series that will highlight the stark reality of the IR35 reform and what it means for the future workforce. More information will be released on our social media channels soon, but you can contact us via our dedicated IR35 Hub if you have any questions in the meantime.