Workr Group appoints Charles Daw as Managing Director of Workr International

Workr Group recognised that international contractor management is one of the biggest markets in the sector today. So, to gear their subsidiary up for significant investment in the space, they’ve enlisted industry veteran Charles Daw to lead the way.

As more and more contractors choose to operate across the world, the international market continues to grow. But to avoid falling foul of foreign tax law, they need to be compliant in the countries where the work takes place.

With IR35 reform still in the rear-view mirror, agencies and end clients are hesitant to go into such placements blind. Instead, they value a solution that allows them to continue working with contractors, while improving their in-house knowledge of certain tax law.

Mike Lee, Sales Director at Workr Group, commented: ‘With a rich history of keeping contractors compliant while working abroad, Charles will be an excellent addition to Workr International and will take the business forward. Whether that’s by meeting the demand for more employed solutions, or raising greater awareness of the challenges agencies face in this space.’

Charles added: ‘I am looking forward to collaborating with agencies at all levels (CEO, managers, agents) and connecting with the wider Workr teams to improve our collective understanding of the legislation in the 90+ countries that Workr operate in.’

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