Still finding outside IR35 roles? Then advising your contractors to switch Accountants to Workr could be a wise move!

Since IR35 was enforced in the private sector, we’ve seen a considerable number of contractors switch to Workr from their current accounting and business support provider. As experts in IR35, it’s perhaps no surprise. So to help them make the move, we’ve decided to offer a ‘switcher package’. 

This package has been specifically designed for those contractors who haven’t yet ‘gone digital’, or are simply looking to upgrade their level of accounting support. Here, Workr’s Head of Sales in London, Adam Mommsen, explains the benefits.

Easy migration

The meticulous nature of our service starts at the very beginning. We’ll help contractors transition from their current accountant, bring them up to speed on the latest tax law, and then move them seamlessly over to our team. 

And this is a team who have been with us for well over five years. They’re efficient in their responses, experienced in all things accounting, and genuinely care about the contractor’s business.

Complimentary IR35 assessment

As for what’s included in our switcher package? Well, for those lucky enough to have found outside IR35 roles, and found clients that wish to engage properly – jackpot! But we know that contractors have a number of different roles and assignments, and they still look to Workr for our expertise in determining their IR35 status. 

Thanks to our very own Workr Compliance consultancy arm, which has successfully carried out over 4,000 assessments and counting, we can offer each contractor a free IR35 assessment when they make the switch. ‘Reasonable care’ is one of HMRC’s key measures, after all, so it’s best practice to assess statuses on a regular basis.

First two months free*

We’re offering every contractor their first two months’ accountancy fees for free when they move over to us. This should help smooth the transition of their limited company to our solution (and they say you get nothing for free these days!).

Of course, that means they get a whole two months, on us, to benefit from our accounting and personal tax services. These include:

  • Easy-to-use online portal
  • Payroll, NI, annual return and VAT support
  • Tax planning and IR35 advice
  • Dedicated, specialised accountant

Bespoke tax support

I’ve lost count of the number of times someone has said to me “I can never usually get a hold of my accountants on the phone”. That’s why we pride ourselves on the fact that someone can ring us anytime. And as soon as it is safe to do so, we encourage contractors to take full advantage of our open-door policy. 

Whether it’s given in person or over the phone, we always ensure that our advice is tailored to the circumstances of the client. Aside from our live accounting, we also help contractors understand their accounts with regular, timely updates. They’ll be able to download the FreeAgent app too, which integrates seamlessly with our service, to plan their tax on the go.

Speak to Workr today

If you have contractors that are unhappy with their accountant, why wait to recommend that they switch? If they aren’t happy now, during one of the toughest times in contracting history, it’s unlikely they’ll be more satisfied as we enter a new period of growth.

By contacting Workr today, they can start their transition to a more tailored financial service. And with the first two months being entirely free of charge, this comes at no cost to anyone.

All you need to do is email with their details, and a member of the team will be in touch. Alternatively, you can contact your Workr BDM directly.

*This offer is only applicable for companies with suitable or up-to-date accounts as determined by Workr

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