Accounting and Personal Tax

If it’s right for you, it’s the most tax-efficient choice.

Working as a limited company (or Personal Service Company, PSC) means you’re your own boss. You get to keep more of what you earn too.

Who is it for?

Working through your own limited company offers you big freedoms – but responsibilities too.

We help our clients set up or run their limited companies and to maximise their freedoms and minimise those responsibilities.

You’ll be able to deduct expenses from your company income to get the best tax relief and to get your take-home pay via salaries and dividends. We handle all of that for you.

What’s included

What do we take care of? All this:

  • Your tax liabilities so you stay tax-efficient and compliant
  • Your entitlements to increase your earning potential
  • Your administrative burden allowing you to focus on your work
  • Your books through our easy-to-use online portal
  • Your payroll, NI, annual return, VAT and other requirements
  • Tax planning advice allowing you to retain your best profits

How it works

Worried about IR35?

That’s good – so are we. But we’ve got your back. When you work with us, we’ll always ensure you understand IR35 because we’re experts in its challenges and pitfalls.

All our clients get free contract reviews and comprehensive working practice reviews and employment status assessments.

You’ll get sound advice based on actual HMRC case law so you’ll always know where you stand – and what to change if you need to.

Your package includes

All of this – and more

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