Switzerland Payroll Solutions

Contractors in Switzerland can be set up as Employees.

Tax year – The tax year is the calendar year for individuals.

Immigration – Nationals of the EU do not require a work permit, we can only assist EU nationals

Workr Fees – €200 per month plus 5-6% of gross pay.

Emplyment Summary

Registration – The employee will need to register for Swiss tax and social security. We will assist in this

Contract – Fixed-term contracts should be linked to a specific task or justified. These contracts may
be renewed once. Any renewal may deem the employment relationship to be indefinite.

Employers social security contributions are 12-20% of the gross salary with no income ceiling.

Employees social security contributions are 10-17% applied to gross income.

Tax – Income tax rates vary between cantons.

Benefits – Healthcare is covered by a mandatory personal health insurance policy Swiss mandatory
healthcare will cost a minimum of CHF 200 per month. We will be happy to provide the details of an
independent insurance broker upon request.

Holiday pay, 13th salary and public holidays are also payable.