Payroll Services for Holland

Payroll Services for Holland Contractors

Employment status in Holland

Workr International can provide a full range of payroll services in Holland. You’ll be engaged on our payroll and income is paid in the form of salary, allowances and expenses, the proportion of each part depending on your circumstances. For salary, tax and social security, we deduct your tax and social security at source on a PAYE basis, and payments are made to the authorities on your behalf.

You can reduce this taxable amount by offsetting some business expenses. There are different tax rates and bands according to your earnings level and marital/family status. We’ll discuss your personal circumstances with you and help you minimise your tax and social security liabilities, within the boundaries of Dutch legislation. As for your tax return, we’ll take care of this for you. It gets filed each year in Holland, with advice and help from us.

Income tax in Holland

Residents are subject to income tax in Holland on their worldwide income. Non-residents are subject to tax on specific Netherlands-source income only. Residence is determined based on circumstances. For Dutch residency, it is essential to determine whether the individual has permanent personal ties with Holland. If you live abroad but receive income that is taxable in Holland, you’re generally a ‘non-resident taxpayer’.

Non-residents can also apply to be treated as residents for tax purposes (in order to gain access to Dutch deductible items) and an additional category of partial non-resident taxpayers covers those eligible for the so-called 30 % ruling. This provides the option for residents of Holland to be taxed as a “partial” non-resident taxpayer. Dutch income tax is levied on three categories (boxes) of income. Each box has its own rules to calculate taxable income, its own tax rates and exemptions.

Payroll Services in Holland?

Workr International are well equipped to handle your Holland payroll services. Salary, taxes and social security made simple with our internationally renowned payroll solutions.

Our approach to overseas payroll minimise your liabilities leaving you worry-free. Workr International provide comprehensive payroll services for Holland and worldwide.