A Company may invoice clients. The following details should be included in an invoice:

  • Company Name
  • Company address/telephone number/email address
  • Company Registration number
  • Company VAT Registration number (if VAT registered)
  • Invoice number – this should have a unique invoice number – using a prefix letter indicating the client
  • Invoice date
  • Charge period
  • Total value of time charged
  • Disbursements
  • Total net value of invoice for VAT (time plus expenses)
  • VAT charged at standard rate
  • Total invoice value (inclusive of VAT)
  • Terms of payment due date by which invoice should be paid (normally 30 days).

Self-Billing – If your Company sources its assignments through an agency, it may operate a “self-billing system.” This system generates an invoice on behalf of the Company. Because your Company invoices for your services it supplies, there is no need for you to issue one.

Please contact us if you require any advice or clarification with regard to invoicing.