Cyprus Payroll Solutions

Contractors in Cyprus can be set up as Employees.

Tax year – The tax year is the calendar year for individuals.

Immigration – Nationals of the EU, EEA and Switzerland are required to register with the immigration office. UK and Non-EU nationals will require a work permit.

Workr Fees – €575 per month plus €350 set up fee. This applied to both the employed and self-employed solutions

Employment Summary

Registration – The employee needs to visit the Tax authority to register in person

Contract – We will issue an employment contract in the name of the local Cypriot company.

Employers social security contributions are 14.9% of the gross salary with no income ceiling.

Employees social security contributions are 10.95% applied to gross income.

Tax – Income tax which is progressive and ranges from 0% to 35%

Benefits – Holidays entitlement is 22 days per year when working 5 days per week.

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