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Work Permits & Visas in Belgium

EU nationals don’t require work permits. Non-EU nationals must have a work permit, usually applied for by their potential employer. You need a work permit too before you can apply for a long-stay visa. There are three types of work permit:

C permit: valid for all professions and all employers, renewed each year. B permit: valid for one employer and renewable after one year. A permit: allows you to work for any employer in Belgium for an unlimited period of time. (The B permit is the standard one for most foreigners.) Applying for a B permit is the responsibility of the employer wishing to hire a non-EU foreigner.

Whether you need a visa to enter Belgium depends on: nationality, length of intended stay and the reason for your stay. Nationals of EU countries don’t need a visa. You’re subject to registration requirements if staying longer than 90 days. Nationals of other countries may or may not be subject to visa requirements so visit the FPS Foreign Affairs website.

If you’re going to Belgium for employment and aren’t from the EU, your prospective employer must apply for a work permit first.

Social Security in Belgium

Workr International deducts tax and social security at source on a PAYE basis, and payments are made to the relevant authorities. You can reduce this taxable amount by offsetting some business expenses. For the employed, typically your employer will pay around 25 percent on top of your salary into a social security fund, and you’ll contribute an extra 13 percent from your salary. Self-employed individuals can also claim social security

They pay a lower total % than salaried persons, though less sectors are covered by the fund. But, self-employed individuals can pay more to cover themselves. Self-employed workers pay quarterly contributions towards their social security. These range from a maximum of 22% of income, and downward as earnings increase.

Contracting in Belgium?

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