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Take Control Of Your Back Office And Scale With A Fixed-Fee Model

Scaling up is exciting, but expensive. Although there’s more money coming in, this growth means added costs from all angles, especially in the back office. And for all the benefits that your percentage charge model may bring, there comes a point where your rising revenue results in an outgoing fee that’s less cost effective. With […]

Partner with a funder who matches your credit insurance needs and limits

Partner With A Funder Who Matches Your Credit Insurance Needs And Limits As your agency grows, so do the figures you’re dealing with, and the consequences of clients failing to pay their invoices become more severe. Delays are inevitable, but what if a client simply can’t get the funds? Or they become insolvent? Your credit […]

Case study: How Easypay Services helped fast-track Paragon’s growth

Case Study: How Easypay Services Helped Fast-Track Paragon’s Growth  Having taken his business from a lockdown start-up to a respected scaffolding and access agency, Josh Allwood of Paragon Services defied the pandemic to achieve rapid growth. In fact, the business reached a turnover of £4.1 million in its second year.  Josh initially set up alone, […]

Stuck in an LLP? How we put the power back in your hands

It’s no secret that access to invoice funding is a key factor in unlocking your agency’s potential to grow. That’s why businesses waste no time in securing the best deal to get their cash flowing – with many turning to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) model, otherwise known as an introducer or funder principal model.  […]

Easypay made easier: Introducing our next phase

Here at Easypay, we’re committed to ensuring every agency that partners with us has the best experience possible. It’s why we’re constantly fostering innovation and growth behind the scenes. Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing team – and on that note, we have some exciting announcements about who’ll be making […]

Not dipped your toe in the temp world yet? Scaling starts here…

After years spent successfully providing permanent staffing solutions, you’ve developed a system that works. So, why change it? The truth is, there are tons of opportunities to grow your agency by offering temporary staffing solutions – both in the UK and internationally.  Firstly, many of the clients that you’ve already crafted a great working relationship […]

Have you heard about our accounting services for recruiters?

Time and money are formidable forces in the survival and growth of any recruitment agency. Without maximising them both, you’ll struggle to stay afloat, nevermind fulfil your big ambitions. So if your accountant isn’t pulling their weight – or worse, you’re trying to get by without one – it’s vital that you get the right […]

The Off-payroll working reforms – A Trojan Horse theory

I’ve written many articles recently about my views on the Off-payroll working reforms introduced into the private sector in April 2021. Many have focused on remaining compliant and ensuring that you minimise your risk as an engager or supplier of contingent labour. I’ve followed the actions of HMRC closely since the introduction and have given […]

Legislation, legislation, legislation – Criminal Finances Act 2017

Much has been written about the Off-payroll legislation reforms over the past 18 months. It is the most significant legislative change to affect the UK labour supply chain in recent times, after all. Unfortunately, it’s not the only legislation that end clients and recruitment suppliers need to consider when it comes to compliance and risk. […]

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