Partner with a funder who matches your credit insurance needs and limits

Partner With A Funder Who Matches Your Credit Insurance Needs And Limits

As your agency grows, so do the figures you’re dealing with, and the consequences of clients failing to pay their invoices become more severe. Delays are inevitable, but what if a client simply can’t get the funds? Or they become insolvent? Your credit insurance should cover you for exactly what you need – with no limitations.

Here, we discuss the importance of minimising risk as you grow, and why it’s crucial to have a flexible insurance model that fits your business.

The challenges of insuring your recruitment agency

Credit insurance should give you the peace of mind to operate freely, whilst minimising risk to help you reach your growth potential. Yet when providers apply rigid limits to your cover, that risk never truly goes away – and it could leave your agency facing financial loss should your needs exceed the limit.

Not only that, there’s no guarantee that an insurer will be able to cover your entire ledger, which means you’ll have no choice but to approach a separate insurance provider to account for this. It’s an added expense, and an inconvenience that your agency could do without.

Many credit insurance models fail to properly assess your individual needs. Whether that’s finding insurance for the intermediary within your vendor management system, for instance, or getting insurance at invoice level. When your funding provider is unable to fulfil specific requirements like this, it limits your ability to progress.

Our all-encompassing, individualised solution

At Easypay, our team gets to know your agency inside out, creating a bespoke model that cushions all aspects of your business against risk. Our flexible insurance limits allow us to adapt to your unique needs and give you the freedom to grow.

We work with multiple insurers to ensure your agency receives comprehensive cover through one tailored model – it’s all part of our personalised service. Whilst we’re available to communicate through every touchpoint, with Easypay, you’ll be free to focus on what’s important, knowing that your insurance is in good hands.
For more information about how we can support your growing agency with a flexible insurance model, call us on 01943 883263 or email We’d be happy to discuss your requirements.