Kick-starting a culture of continuous improvement

2022 is the year Easypay fully reforms recruitment finance. We’ve always been dedicated to helping smaller recruiters get finance via our platform. But now, we aim to make it quicker, easier and more accessible for the end user.

In order to achieve this, Director of Operations Charlotte Allen has been reworking internal systems, increasing collaboration between teams and improving the customer experience. To coincide with her six-month anniversary at Workr, we asked Charlotte to describe these projects in more detail, and share what she’s looking forward to this year.

Settling in

Starting a new job while working remotely sounds like a challenge, but with Workr Solutions and Easypay Services, it was easy. Not only are the teams hardworking, they’re also incredibly flexible when it comes to adopting new processes and technologies.

When I was brought on, the idea was that I would be introducing automation software as well as better project management. All these innovations were wholly supported by my colleagues, who would always share ideas, suggest improvements and go out of their way to ensure they were delivered.

It’s a testament to our cohesiveness and knack for collaboration that despite operating remotely, we’re able to work together as seamlessly as we do across multiple locations. This certainly makes back-office improvements easier to implement.

Introducing new tech

Now, we’re on the cusp of moving to a new system for our funding business, which provides an end-to-end seamless connection between our agency clients and all other stakeholders. This means that Easypay customers will enjoy a more user-friendly journey, and the team can focus on customer experiences.

Specifically, with less time spent on administration, we can help to address customer queries, add more value to our service and act as an advisor on any funding-related issues. This helps to kick-start a culture of continuous improvement and gives staff room to grow.

Of course this is just one of the initiatives Easypay is introducing to transition to a self-serve model. Already we empower customers to choose the type of service they want, with additional features like payroll, credit control and legal and bad debt protection if needed, as well as management accounting services.

Looking to the future

Currently, everything is process focussed, and with the team entirely dedicated to back-office improvements, there hasn’t been much opportunity to think about the future. But one thing we can expect is that this will be a year of customer experiences.

With Workr Solutions and Easypay growing daily, our aim is to lead the way when it comes to providing support. That means innovating where competitors aren’t doing so, and regularly reviewing our service offerings.

In our industry, organisations often become too results driven, compromising the quality of their support. But by refining our back-end processes and constantly revising how we can help smaller recruiters understand finances, we can create new products and services that will make an actual difference.

How Workr can help
Curious about funding or back-office support? See how Workr Solutions or Easypay can help by getting in touch today. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to scale up, we’ve got the solution for you.

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