Introducing Our New Senior Business Development Manager Matt Watts

Our approach to agency management is second to none. But to continue setting the pace when it comes to service delivery, we needed an experienced hire ready to handle any queries that came in.

That role was filled recently by Matt Watts, our new senior BDM. With Matt’s experience, we plan on levelling up our internal account management teams and more accurately showing agencies where they stand when it comes to IR35.

We believe this is going to make a huge difference to our network. Don’t just take our word for it though – we’ve asked Matt to describe his career so far and how he’ll apply his expertise to the Workr model.

How did you get involved in the payroll/finance sector?

I was working as a telesales rep for a business that unfortunately went into administration.  Luckily, I secured a role at an umbrella company that shared the same business park, and I fell into the industry that way.

Initially, I worked in the new business team. This helped lay a good foundation for my career as I would take on registrations, develop candidate relationships, and improve their experience of our service. I then moved towards account management, and then eventually to business development.

My next step would take me to another umbrella firm to head up their business development across Birmingham and the North of England. It was here that I started becoming more passionate about encouraging all members of an agency to engage with its services, not just consultants but senior managers and owners too.

How did you hear about Workr?

Workr reached out and we discussed my possible move for about six months. I admired their collaborative approach with agencies and how they were a one-stop shop for clients. In my view, this would allow us to make relationships that were more long-standing and mutually beneficial.

In this industry, some firms can be accused of simply buttering up consultants in order to chase for business or referrals. This results in a one-dimensional service that’s designed to only last in the short term. At Workr, I’m helping with everything from timesheet collection, back-office support, and compliance support for our agency partners and end clients. It’s a much more comprehensive, holistic approach.

Thanks to the collaborative nature of Workr, we can make sure that agencies take everything on board and make informed decisions. Specifically, we make certain that senior management makes their consultants aware of changing legislation and the importance of ensuring that their contractors feel valued, particularly when change is ahead. This takes trust, which is why Workr acts as an extension of every agency it works with.

“It’s rare to come across talented people, who are obviously succeeding but looking at making the next step in their career. With Matt it was apparent from the first time of meeting him that he has the drive and ambition that matches ours, and shares the same values in ensuring our agency partners receive a first class experience and long lasting relationship.”

Mike Lee, Group Sales Director, Workr Group

How will your expertise help Workr make a difference?

Workr invest time in their customer journey. And with my experience, I hope to further improve it so that agencies can grow more organically and without worry of legislation changes.

In addition, I expect I can leverage my account management background to boost the abilities of Workr’s internal sales team. How I approach new businesses and existing clients has led me to this position, and I intend to teach these methods to others to accelerate Workr’s growth.

As a result, I hope we can continue to stand at the forefront of the umbrella industry and improve staffing solutions for all parties.

How Workr can help you

If you’d be interested in learning how our umbrella service works, get in touch today or contact Matt directly:

Matt Watts
07907 786 655

We’re always open to talk about recruitment solutions, and with our latest hire, we’re even more prepared to protect you from common compliance pitfalls.

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