Expectation vs Reality: The Fallout Of The IR35 Roll-Out So Far

With the deadline behind us, we’re finally starting to see the ramifications of preparing – or failing to prepare – coming to fruition for engagers and fee payers. Join Workr Compliance and STR Group at 4pm on Wednesday, 5th May for a review of the last few weeks, and key advice for maintaining BAU in the months ahead….

Hosted by Andrew Webster, Founder and Director at Workr Compliance, who will be joined by David James, Engineering Programme Director at STR Group and former IR35 Project Lead at WORLEY, this session will provide actionable insights on:

  1. Continuation of assessing PSCs
  2. Audit of the IR35 programme
  3. Upskilling of new Managers
  4. IR35 legislation updates

The prediction and warnings have transpired; we have seen both Engagers and Fee Payers ill prepared for the changes despite months of advice and guidance from all angles. Whether you’re one of them – or simply keen to maintain best practice and BAU moving forward – we have plenty of observations to share from the past few weeks.

Join us for insights on the good, the bad and the ugly, as well as advice on what Engagers and Recruitment Agencies can do pretty quickly, to attract and retain talent whilst adhering to the legislation…

NOTE: If you cannot attend live on the day, you can still register to receive a free recording after the session.

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