Euro 2021 Workr Fantasy Football League

The Premier League season is finally over, and whether you came out laughing or crying, this summer brings something all football fans can smile about… THE EUROS!

Even if you’re not a footy fanatic, national competitions are great fun. Everyone can get behind the team as the country unites in the summer sunshine – and if the last week is anything to go by, it’s going to be a scorcher! 

To add an extra competitive edge, we’re running a Workr Fantasy Football League, just for recruiters. Read on to find out how to get involved, and more importantly, what you could win…

The tournament itself

Euro 2020 kicks off at 8pm on 11th June and will last for four weeks. And for anyone who spotted it, we didn’t get the year wrong! It’s actually last year’s postponed tournament, so the hype has really been building for this one.

For the first time in its history, the tournament will be hosted collectively across 11 European cities. 24 nations will compete in six groups, where 16 teams will progress into a knockout format. It all leads up to the final, which will be held at Wembley Stadium on 11th July. 

A fantasy football snapshot 

If you’re making your debut appearance on the fantasy field of play, the concept is pretty straightforward. Build a 15-player squad within a set budget of €100m, then select 11 starting players. The better they perform, the more points they get, and the higher you climb up the Workr league. Simple! 

It’s free to sign up, and in case you’re wondering, the budget isn’t real so there’s no need to call the bank. But just like actual football, you can make transfers each gameweek to try new angles, and swap out injured or non-competing players as the tournament progresses. Everything else you need to know is right here.

Workr Group’s league

So, you’ve already proved that you can discover the best candidates, but can you recruit a winning fantasy team? Unlike the game itself where there can only be one winner, the Workr league has three:

1st place: 2x tickets to a Premier League game in 2021/2022 
2nd place: £100 vouchers of your choice 
3rd place: A bottle of champagne

To get started, build your team and use the code: 6251FHMC02 to enter our league. And for those who didn’t know, there’s a bit of a trend among fantasy footballers to get creative with your team names. We’re talking about a pun, a play on words or clever humour. Our example sets the bar pretty low (‘No Kane, no gain’) – but you get the idea.   

On that note, it’s about time you got your Gareth Southgate on. Good luck!

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