Gearing up for Growth

With many of the challenges of Covid behind us but with some still ahead, it’s more important than ever to reflect and have clarity of where we want to go, when we want to get there and how much growth is involved? 

Workr Group has partnered with Milestones Business Performance Consultancy to fund and develop an exclusive interactive webinar. This is provided FREE for EasyPay clients focusses on gearing your agency for growth. 

Staffing and recruitment specialist and transformational change expert Miles Lloyd will provide insights, hints, tips and simple models that can be used to provide a strong platform for growth.

Learn about:

  • Growth mindset and change readiness
  • The destination and the journey
  • Having the focus to deliver
  • Growing, improving and innovating
  • Competitive positioning right first time
  • Planning for success
  • Making it happen, your energy and engagement

Every EasyPay client who registers and attends the session will be invited to complete a Game Changer Index profile and benefit from a 1:1 feedback session with Miles, an accredited GCologist, and receive a personalised 26-page report for FREE. 


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