Partner with a funder who matches your credit insurance needs and limits

Partner With A Funder Who Matches Your Credit Insurance Needs And Limits

As your agency grows, so do the figures you’re dealing with, and the consequences of clients failing to pay their invoices become more severe. Delays are inevitable, but what if a client simply can’t get the funds? Or they become insolvent? Your credit insurance should cover you for exactly what you need – with no limitations.

Here, we discuss the importance of minimising risk as you grow, and why it’s crucial to have a flexible insurance model that fits your business.

The challenges of insuring your recruitment agency

Credit insurance should give you the peace of mind to operate freely, whilst minimising risk to help you reach your growth potential. Yet when providers apply rigid limits to your cover, that risk never truly goes away – and it could leave your agency facing financial loss should your needs exceed the limit.

Not only that, there’s no guarantee that an insurer will be able to cover your entire ledger, which means you’ll have no choice but to approach a separate insurance provider to account for this. It’s an added expense, and an inconvenience that your agency could do without.

Many credit insurance models fail to properly assess your individual needs. Whether that’s finding insurance for the intermediary within your vendor management system, for instance, or getting insurance at invoice level. When your funding provider is unable to fulfil specific requirements like this, it limits your ability to progress.

Our all-encompassing, individualised solution

At Easypay, our team gets to know your agency inside out, creating a bespoke model that cushions all aspects of your business against risk. Our flexible insurance limits allow us to adapt to your unique needs and give you the freedom to grow.

We work with multiple insurers to ensure your agency receives comprehensive cover through one tailored model – it’s all part of our personalised service. Whilst we’re available to communicate through every touchpoint, with Easypay, you’ll be free to focus on what’s important, knowing that your insurance is in good hands.
For more information about how we can support your growing agency with a flexible insurance model, call us on 01943 883263 or email We’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

Case study: How Easypay Services helped fast-track Paragon’s growth

Case Study: How Easypay Services Helped Fast-Track Paragon’s Growth 

Having taken his business from a lockdown start-up to a respected scaffolding and access agency, Josh Allwood of Paragon Services defied the pandemic to achieve rapid growth. In fact, the business reached a turnover of £4.1 million in its second year. 

Josh initially set up alone, ready to offer a variety of opportunities for contractors and armed with plenty of pre-existing relationships gained from his years of industry experience. But he needed a back office that could keep up with the big influx of business that he had in his sights.  

Launching in lockdown

Although Paragon was well placed to progress quickly on the client front, they teamed up with a supporting agency who provided the financial backing – including for an office – to help get things off the ground. But they needed more security in the form of a funding partner and back office support, to give them the flexibility and freedom to grow. 

So, Josh wasted no time in searching for a reputable service that could offer him exactly that. After communicating with Easypay’s Shelagh Ward, Josh and the team formed a strong lockdown relationship, which laid the foundations for his recruitment expertise to realise its full potential.

Independence, supported

Starting with week-to-week invoice funding, we freed up cash flow across Paragon’s rapidly expanding client base. Further financial support was also made available to help with monthly bad debt payments. And to protect Josh against further risk, we introduced him to a trade credit insurance provider. This helped him manage credit limits and keep tabs on any clients that were close to exceeding theirs via regular email notifications.

Easypay also assisted with Paragon’s back office admin tasks, along with efficient payroll processing to give them the peace of mind to focus on acquiring new business. And although Josh was clear on how he wanted things to run, Easypay’s approach of always putting Paragon’s best interests at heart was much appreciated – even if it meant challenging the norm. It’s this care and support that helped him to outgrow his initial supporting agency, set up independently, and take on more staff.

Continued growth

By going above and beyond with advice and application, Shelagh and the team helped take Paragon from an initial £10,000 monthly turnover to £4.1 million in year two. Now with total control over his business, Josh’s one-man band has extended to a five-person team, with approximately 130 contractors under his wing. 

In just two years, Easypay’s flexible funding and back office support has empowered Josh’s expertise to flourish. Looking ahead, Paragon plans to double their internal staff as well as expand on their Yorkshire base with a new London office. They anticipate a £13 million annual turnover within the next five years. 

We have no doubt that Paragon Services is destined for continued growth, and we look forward to supporting them on this journey.  

“We [Easypay and Paragon] work very closely together. It’s a great partnership, and I’ve got where I am because of them.” – Josh Allwood, Managing Director at Paragon Services

Stuck in an LLP? How we put the power back in your hands

It’s no secret that access to invoice funding is a key factor in unlocking your agency’s potential to grow. That’s why businesses waste no time in securing the best deal to get their cash flowing – with many turning to a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) model, otherwise known as an introducer or funder principal model. 

This is where an agency invoices clients and pays workers in the funder’s name, not in their own company name. Yet in the eagerness to secure a deal, this vital factor is often brushed over. Before you know it, you could be locked into an agreement that ends up heavily limiting your business – when you could be limitless, by having everything done on your behalf and in your name.

If you’re stuck in an LLP or similar arrangement  – or you’re considering entering one – there is a better option. Let’s take a closer look at LLPs and how we can put the power back in your hands.

The LLP trap 

When selling the benefits of LLPs, providers can exaggerate the delays and difficulties of applying for VAT, PAYE or CIS gross status. Some recruiters may even be told that LLP models are ‘risk free’.  

Unwittingly, agencies find themselves stuck in a scenario where the restrictions outweigh the benefits… 

The harsh reality 

Agency owners often set up independently after becoming frustrated by previous employers. The aim? To operate on their own terms, showcasing their own values, under their own name. Yet those signed up to an LLP often find much less independence and freedom than they first imagined. 

Not being able to use your own name and logo on payslips is an outcome that’s all too familiar for agencies like yours. As a growing organisation in a competitive market, powerful branding is a key ingredient to winning new business. Yet when your LLP provider takes the limelight on invoices, this is confusing to clients and candidates, and a blow for your brand awareness. This can make you appear small, potentially limiting your future opportunities.

Crucially, this means your turnover isn’t actually yours – you operate in your funder’s shadow. The threshhold for CIS gross status when your only turnover is your margin payment is even further away – a delay that you were supposed to have been protected against. There are also serious financial implications for the company and directors when it comes to qualifying for grants or applying for loans.

Time and time again we see agencies shackled in long-term LLP traps that were supposed to be short-term fixes. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

A real solution

Whether you’re an emerging start-up or a developing agency, you want the best funding option possible to help your recruitment business thrive. For most, that means forging a strong brand presence, maintaining independence, and finding the freedom to flex your growth muscles. 

With Easypay as your funding provider, you can achieve all this and more. We put your brand first, offering 100% recruitment finance and operating entirely in the name of your agency. This means your business, name and logo will be on every invoice and payslip. All turnover will be in your name too, allowing you to build a valuable asset. 

If needed, we can apply for VAT and PAYE on your behalf, and guide you through the CIS process to help you achieve gross status rapidly, so no deductions are made. We’ll even assist with forming your company if you need us to. It’s all part of our integrated recruitment funding and back-office solutions. 

This doesn’t just apply to new agencies either. Many recruiters unwittingly operate on these models for years – they don’t know an alternative, and imagine that moving will be complicated and problematic. Instead, they realise they’re paying unnecessary expenses, such as the apprenticeship levy on all their payroll, as their funder’s payroll is in excess of £3m per year. At Easypay, we’ll help you get everything in place – your only question will be ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’.

Reclaim your independence with us

Our support is entirely bespoke and completely seamless. It puts you centre stage in front of hiring managers, giving you the power you need to make a name and grow. To see how we can help, get in touch today and let’s discuss your future as an independent agency.

Easypay made easier: Introducing our next phase

Here at Easypay, we’re committed to ensuring every agency that partners with us has the best experience possible. It’s why we’re constantly fostering innovation and growth behind the scenes. Of course, none of this would be possible without our amazing team – and on that note, we have some exciting announcements about who’ll be making things happen.

In case you missed it, back in September we welcomed Charlotte, our operations director, to help fine-tune our functions and lead new developments. Since then, we’ve made lots more hires and promotions. So we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk you through our upcoming plans and what they mean for you, our clients.

Meet your new customer care team leader

Delivering a personal, hands-on service has been important to us from day one. To keep our standards high as we grow, we’ve created a brand-new role: customer care team leader.

Belinda impressed us all with the rapport she built with clients in her previous role as credit controller. She’ll be taking the baton from Shelagh, whose time has been increasingly split between client relations and sales and marketing. Moving forward, Belinda will focus on the client journey, allowing Shelagh to steer the ship in sales and marketing.

Not only will this mean you have a dedicated contact for any questions you may have. But, as Belinda also brings a wealth of experience in payroll and operational expertise to the table, it puts us in a great position to level up our overall customer service delivery. 

Taking payroll to the next level

Another position we’ve created as part of our growth plans is payroll manager. We’re confident that this new role will really streamline the service we offer to clients, as we dedicate more resources to this area.

Migle takes the reins as a longstanding member of the payroll team, who actually played a key part in implementing our existing system. As we now look to evolve the structures that underpin this department, Migle’s process-driven approach, and appetite for growth, made her the perfect choice to lead our payroll evolution.

As well as driving efficiencies and ensuring payroll is done on time, Migle will support Belinda to make sure everything is all joined up for clients. Watch this space!

Optimising credit control

Meanwhile, to fill Migle’s shoes as credit manager, we’ve just appointed Maria, who brings substantial years of experience in the credit control sector, especially when it comes to managing risk.

Maria’s lovely nature and positivity has allowed her to build great relationships with our agencies and their end customers. We believe her promotion won’t just be a great boost for credit operations, but for the overall company culture, too.

This new change will enable us to truly refine our credit management, ensuring our service is of the highest quality. Join us in welcoming Maria to the team!

Redefining our finance function

As we take steps to make our accounting even more efficient, we’ve recruited Adam, our dedicated financial controller, to handle Easypay’s accounting and transactions, manage funding, and oversee margin invoices.

Adam is a chartered accountant from a highly regarded accounting practice – so you can trust in his wealth of experience. He’ll be working closely with both Sarah, our finance director, and Charlotte, operations director, to ensure all agencies receive the right level of funding. Welcome, Adam!

What happens next?

Our goal is to develop and deliver even better system procedures and customer service for all our agencies. We’ve got some big innovations up our sleeves, but we know a strong management team is the best foundation for new developments.

These hires and promotions are just the beginning of our next phase – stay tuned for more updates. We hope you’re just as excited as we are!

Not dipped your toe in the temp world yet? Scaling starts here…

After years spent successfully providing permanent staffing solutions, you’ve developed a system that works. So, why change it? The truth is, there are tons of opportunities to grow your agency by offering temporary staffing solutions – both in the UK and internationally. 

Firstly, many of the clients that you’ve already crafted a great working relationship with may develop a sudden need for temporary staffing. In this scenario, finding an agency who understands the unique needs of your business isn’t always easy, meaning you already have a competitive edge.

However, if temporary staffing solutions aren’t among your offering, this may result in your clients seeking recruitment services elsewhere. Not only does this cause you to lose out on business, it also runs the risk of your existing clients finding a new agency with the ability to fulfil all of their needs under one roof.

With this in mind, it might be time to redefine your approach – and supplying temporary staff isn’t half as hard as you may have initially thought. Let’s take a look at how to start scaling your agency like never before…

Temp staffing transforms your bottom line

There’s a wealth of opportunities for your recruitment agency to diversify and achieve sustained growth in the contracting world. Often, the way to attract a client you want to supply permanent candidates to is to support them when they need interim assistance. By providing both, you’ve more chance of becoming an exclusive supplier of staff to that client.

That’s not all. Moving into the temp space provides an agency with a steady income which they can continue to grow. It also allows you to cement yourself as a key industry player, setting you apart from the competition, and increasing your potential to scale in the future.

In contrast, when you rule out partnering with companies on a temporary basis, you run the risk of doing months of work, only for a candidate to decline the job offer or leave the company quickly. Plus, there’s always a chance that a competitor will be so successful at providing interim roles, that a client will use them for permanent hiring too. So, offering both doesn’t just maximise income, it also protects an agency from losing existing clients.

One of the biggest roadblocks for perm agencies looking to break into contracting is often lack of funding – with many under the impression that it’s a risky business, and that they’ll need savings to pull it off. Another barrier is the prospect of time-consuming processes like contracts, payroll, and understanding employment law. This is where Easypay can help.

Your partner in temporary staffing

We offer 100% recruitment funding, with flexible support to help you finance your scaling plans and give you room to grow. Plus, we provide a complete suite of services to take your agency to the next level. When you partner with Easypay, we eliminate the need for any payroll or invoicing software. Whether you require back-office support to free up your time and make sure your contracts are compliant, or expert advice on breaking into new markets, you can count on our experienced team to deliver.

And that’s just the beginning of our commitment to you. We also assist with bad debt protection and compliance issues, freeing up valuable resources, so you can focus on what you do best. It’s this combined approach to recruitment staffing that allows you to optimise your current output – with greater funding to aid your progression, backed by dedicated support from seasoned professionals.

Let’s secure your successOur team is committed to your success on every level, and goes above and beyond to champion your goals. Ready to put your growth plans into action? Speak to us today! We’re always happy to help recruitment agencies realise their true potential.

Have you heard about our accounting services for recruiters?

Time and money are formidable forces in the survival and growth of any recruitment agency. Without maximising them both, you’ll struggle to stay afloat, nevermind fulfil your big ambitions.

So if your accountant isn’t pulling their weight – or worse, you’re trying to get by without one – it’s vital that you get the right support, sooner rather than later. And who better to turn to for accountancy services than a finance expert that really understands recruitment?

Let’s take a closer look at how Easypay Services can help you get your accounts in order and fulfil your potential.

Expert accounting services

As a recruitment agency, before you can even think about scaling, you need to make sure your accounts are up to scratch. Fall behind – or overlook a critical detail – and your books will come back to bite you as you grow.

With Easypay, you don’t have to worry. We’ll set the foundations for growth by taking over your accounting and providing a hassle-free, personal service that includes:

  • Monthly production of Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Preparation, filing and payment of VAT on your behalf
  • Preparation, filing and payment of Corporate Tax Returns on your behalf
  • Preparation of Statutory Accounts and filing at Companies House 
  • Bookkeeping services

We know you’ve got bigger fish to fry than spending hours on your accounts. With our help, you’ll free up valuable time that you can put to use delivering the best possible service to your clients and candidates. 

A full circle of support

Already got funding and back-office support in place? We can collaborate with your other partners to make sure everything’s joined up. But if you’re looking for additional services and expertise, Easypay can really propel your agency forward.

Our team has built a solid reputation for delivering flexible funding and comprehensive back-office solutions. Plus, our in-depth knowledge and experience around recruitment models, pay and bill, and game-changing software enables us to break down growth obstacles from all angles.

By offering honest and targeted advice, intertwined with hands-on application, we help businesses to grasp a solid understanding of what it takes to get them from A to B and beyond. This is what our client relationships are built on: technical expertise with the knowledge sharing and mentoring to lock in long-term wins. 

Survive and thrive

Getting your finances in check means less time spent tediously navigating the numbers and more time doing what you do best. And by partnering with accounting experts that already live and breathe recruitment, you can be sure that your business is equipped to survive and thrive.

If you’re interested in Easypay’s services – whether that be standalone accounting, back-office solutions and funding, or a bespoke combination of both – we’d love to have a chat about how we can drop in with a solution that’s right for you.

For more information, contact us on 01943 883263 or book a call and one of our friendly experts will get back to you soon.

Case Study: How Workr Solutions helped WRS drive efficiency through digital transformation

Worldwide Recruitment Solutions (WRS) delivers workforce solutions to the energy sector on a global scale. Based in the UK, with additional subsidiaries in Ireland, Iraq, Singapore and Uganda, they specialise in renewables, oil and gas, and offshore projects.

Supplying these industries with skilled talent means tapping into an international network of contractors, and providing an end-to-end service that goes far beyond traditional recruitment. Unlike simpler sectors, where headcount and timesheets might coexist within the same unit, WRS’ clients have specific requirements that need careful attention to detail.

So when it came to scaling, CEO Mark Brown and his team knew they needed to embrace digital transformation – fast.

Managing complex operations

Imagine the complexities involved with delivering the end-to-end mobilisation of a Malaysian contractor working on a Norwegian site for a UK organisation. Now imagine hundreds of other equally complex scenarios, where each client requires a bespoke approach to meet their individual demands. Differing invoice formats and the added challenge posed by those withholding tax requirements is just one of many examples.

This is the WRS way, and their distinct value lies in an all-encompassing solution, taking care of everything from immigration and international payroll tax compliance to timesheets. As a result, their pay and bill reporting system is extremely unique. And with big plans to scale, this would only intensify. 

All connected by a web of Excel spreadsheets, pivot tables and other manual input systems, operations were incredibly laboursome and time consuming. It was crying out for a seamless automated network that would enhance their vast and intricate service – and grow it. This is where WRS called on Workr Solutions to support its digital transformation project that would take their internal systems to the next level and automate as much as possible.

Delivering seamless automation

Working closely with Mark and his Financial Controller, Pippa, the Workr Solutions team began by mapping out WRS’ current systems and processes, with honest questioning around the what and why behind them. The aim was to identify efficiency savings prior to driving automation, to maximise the productivity gains from the digital transformation project before recommending the right tools to bring everything together.

Process mapping complete, we began by transferring them from a server-based, static CRM system to cloud software (Bullhorn), and integrating it with tools like DocuSign. This meant that for the 600+ contracts they issue on a monthly basis, they swapped the tedious, to and fro of onboarding documents and certifications, to the simple push of a button. 

The aim was to guarantee seamless integration with front and back, so we ensured that the interface between Bullhorn and the chosen middle office platform (InTime) was purpose-configured for WRS. This meant that with all the complexities, from varying payment types and rates to withholding taxes, the CRM was the one source of data minimising duplication of effort.

By automating as much as possible, it frees up the sales team to focus on the bespoke requirements for each client where they can really add value, rather than working with the back office to get pay and invoicing right every month!

Planning future growth

In a matter of months, we took a traditional, labour-intensive back office and rolled out digital transformation that has already increased efficiency within the business by 30%. By working closely with Mark, Pippa and their great sales team, we were able to deliver the project to expected benefits and within the required timeline, including some intensive parallel runs for them to review and sign off. We now continue to support them with their tactical and strategic back-office needs as they extend their international footprint. 

This has put WRS in the perfect position in the back office to fulfil their growth plans. The business is projected to increase the number of placements by 50% in 2022, as they embark on expansion schemes in East Africa and the US. Thanks to this digital transformation, every WRS employee and contractor will now share the same user experience, whatever their location.

“He [Yves] was hugely informative. He worked with us on understanding processes, what we were doing, what we ultimately wanted to do, what the opportunity was, and he and his team just brought it all to life for us.” – Mark Brown, CEO at WRS (commenting on his support from Yves Bizimana, MD of Workr Solutions)

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Case Study: How Easypay Services helped Jaeger Recruitment boost operations and plan for growth

Over the past year, Jaeger Recruitment has gone from onboarding a couple of candidates per week to over 100 per day. Headed up by Paul McGrath, who has over a decade of experience and worked with some of the country’s most well-known financial institutions, and his wife Amelia, who successfully ran her own business for 15 years prior to joining Paul, Jaeger got off to a flying start. But when it came to cash flow, they knew they needed assistance…

Sights on scaling

Jaeger’s growth journey really began in May 2021, when they got onto the PSL of a major client. To place drivers on an ongoing basis, they required a funding partner that could scale up and down credit limits based on seasonality and other influencing factors.

As a husband-and-wife team, they wanted a company they could just pick up the phone and call whenever they needed advice. So they searched for a provider that would offer both flexibility and ease of communication. After a few conversations with Shelagh and co, it became clear that Easypay Services fit the bill.

Funding the success

Not only did Easypay set Jaeger up with flexible access to funding, they also took over Jaeger’s back-office support and introduced them to an umbrella provider who was part of the Workr Group. This meant taking care of time-consuming demands such as timesheet submission and payroll, as well as dealings with HMRC.

Originally, Paul approached Shelagh about providing crane hire staff, as he thought he was managing with his small-scale driving business. When Shelagh said they could expand on this with funding, everything took off. With Easypay’s support, Jaeger has ramped up their operations without worrying about cash flow or credit limits. And, by working as partners, Jaeger can plan for the next stage of growth – including breaking into new markets.

Looking to the future

It’s hardly surprising that Jaeger was recognised as Small Business of the Year at the Sedgemoor Business Excellence Awards 2021. Paul’s impressive industry expertise means he was always destined for success, whilst Amelia has proven to be the backbone of the organisation throughout its continued development. Our funding and back-office support simply helped them fulfil the business’ potential by freeing up invaluable time to do what they do best. 

Paul and Amelia are now looking at securing business with a big player in the parcel world. They’ve recently become CIS registered with Gross Status, allowing them to stretch further afield into construction, and also have keen eyes on the healthcare and education sectors. We can’t wait to support them on the next stage of their growth journey – watch this space!

“All I can say is thanks for all the help they [Easypay Services] have provided so far, if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t be in the position we are now.” – Paul McGrath, Director at Jaeger Recruitment

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Kick-starting a culture of continuous improvement

2022 is the year Easypay fully reforms recruitment finance. We’ve always been dedicated to helping smaller recruiters get finance via our platform. But now, we aim to make it quicker, easier and more accessible for the end user.

In order to achieve this, Director of Operations Charlotte Allen has been reworking internal systems, increasing collaboration between teams and improving the customer experience. To coincide with her six-month anniversary at Workr, we asked Charlotte to describe these projects in more detail, and share what she’s looking forward to this year.

Settling in

Starting a new job while working remotely sounds like a challenge, but with Workr Solutions and Easypay Services, it was easy. Not only are the teams hardworking, they’re also incredibly flexible when it comes to adopting new processes and technologies.

When I was brought on, the idea was that I would be introducing automation software as well as better project management. All these innovations were wholly supported by my colleagues, who would always share ideas, suggest improvements and go out of their way to ensure they were delivered.

It’s a testament to our cohesiveness and knack for collaboration that despite operating remotely, we’re able to work together as seamlessly as we do across multiple locations. This certainly makes back-office improvements easier to implement.

Introducing new tech

Now, we’re on the cusp of moving to a new system for our funding business, which provides an end-to-end seamless connection between our agency clients and all other stakeholders. This means that Easypay customers will enjoy a more user-friendly journey, and the team can focus on customer experiences.

Specifically, with less time spent on administration, we can help to address customer queries, add more value to our service and act as an advisor on any funding-related issues. This helps to kick-start a culture of continuous improvement and gives staff room to grow.

Of course this is just one of the initiatives Easypay is introducing to transition to a self-serve model. Already we empower customers to choose the type of service they want, with additional features like payroll, credit control and legal and bad debt protection if needed, as well as management accounting services.

Looking to the future

Currently, everything is process focussed, and with the team entirely dedicated to back-office improvements, there hasn’t been much opportunity to think about the future. But one thing we can expect is that this will be a year of customer experiences.

With Workr Solutions and Easypay growing daily, our aim is to lead the way when it comes to providing support. That means innovating where competitors aren’t doing so, and regularly reviewing our service offerings.

In our industry, organisations often become too results driven, compromising the quality of their support. But by refining our back-end processes and constantly revising how we can help smaller recruiters understand finances, we can create new products and services that will make an actual difference.

How Workr can help
Curious about funding or back-office support? See how Workr Solutions or Easypay can help by getting in touch today. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to scale up, we’ve got the solution for you.

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What it means to lead Easypay and Workr Solutions

As Workr Group continues to grow, we thought it was high time that we got to know the Managing Director of Easypay and Workr Solutions, Yves Bizimana, a little better. 

Already an expert in recruitment financing, Yves is at home when offering both funding and back-office support. Naturally, that makes him a perfect fit as Managing Director of both these businesses.

We took a moment to speak to Yves about his role and how his time is spent.

Identifying business challenges

Workr Solutions helps recruitment agencies, big and small, with inefficiencies in their back office. They may be looking to outsource or improve the operation. As MD, it’s my role to ensure we understand what these inefficiencies are, suggest ways to improve the status quo, and ultimately help keep costs down whilst delivering a better service.

These inefficiencies can be anything from processes and people to technology and team dynamics. Usually with big businesses it’s a case of legacy systems and processes hindering efficiency. That often means working with the agency to integrate systems so that the business is working on one platform.

With smaller agencies, we tend to help more with funding through our Easypay business. This means focusing on how we improve the agency’s cash availability through better credit risk management, as well as support them in navigating areas where they lack in-house expertise – such as IR35 compliance and business contracts. 

Whatever the requirement, my job is to ensure we have a team that can deliver on those client needs.

Managing partner relationships

In my role, one of the key responsibilities is ensuring that the relationships we have with suppliers and partners stays strong. That means referring business, cross-selling products, and helping each other – as well as our clients – grow.

Most of these providers are recruitment market specialists, offering customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, back-office platforms and business improvement training. By cultivating healthy partnerships with these suppliers, we’re able to secure competitive rates and have better access to support for our agency clients. From a service perspective, our clients are more likely to maximise their investment into these technologies by using our experience.

Additionally, once this technology is installed within an organisation, we make sure that every stakeholder understands what it’s for. If all parties aren’t engaged, chances are they’ll underuse the software – better user engagement prevents that from happening.

Ensuring operational excellence

With teams across the UK and India, it’s essential we constantly communicate and harmonise our service. This extends across the Workr and JSA Group, as it means customers receive a consistent service that we can steadily enhance. My role is to equip senior management across the two businesses with the skills to synchronise the teams and services across the entire group.

I also help them to ensure systems function as they should and that all employees are learning to maximise our connected excellence. This ties in with our wellbeing initiatives, which help to keep employees motivated and invested in Workr’s overall journey. The better engaged our teams are, the easier it is to engage clients with the solutions we provide.

What’s more, when clients adopt the right technology and remove the need for spreadsheets, Google Docs and other administrative tools, we’re able to help them scale up their operation and generate a higher conversion of gross margin to operating profit.

How Workr can help you

Like the sound of our approach? Get in touch today! Both Easypay and Workr Solutions can simplify the way you work and help you overcome the challenges you face in your back office. By reaching out, you’re taking the first steps to levelling up your agency’s back office operational efficiency!