A Workr Solutions case study: Staffing 360 Solutions

Staffing 360 Solutions is a global staffing and recruitment firm, with headquarters rising high in the heart of Manhattan, New York. Three US and three UK brands operate from this hub, championing growth through their acquisition and staffing sector expertise. 

A strong back office is the crucial spine that supports the successful integration of each acquired brand. Recognising the importance of an efficient and flexible pay and bill process, Staffing 360 Solutions invested in leading pay and bill software for their UK agencies. 

Of course, implementing new software in one business is hard enough. It didn’t take long for Staffing 360 Solutions to realise the scale of the challenge in making this work for three unique agencies… 

Stuck between software

A flawless pay and bill process is a fundamental requirement to Staffing 360 Solutions. It underpins their key back office basic function: paying candidates and invoicing clients accurately and on time. The Pay and Bill function feeds into all other processes and is fundamental to accurate reporting of financials in the UK and to the parent company in the US.

The many different clients, brands, countries and types of employment involved here naturally requires highly flexible software that’s working at full capacity. But after choosing a cloud-based platform to carry their UK presence forward, the company realised that it did not have sufficient internal resources to execute the change. In order to transition successfully the company needed to execute a system implementation project and train internal staff on this new system, all while simultaneously running flawless pay and bill operations and related reporting.

The project was started with internal staff, but it soon became too much to handle due to competing priorities and a lack of expertise to see it through. The three UK brands had been partly migrated but then multiple arising challenges left the company desiring external help in order to complete the project. At this point Staffing 360 reached out to Workr Solutions for support.

360-degree implementation

Our team wasted no time in getting to grips with Staffing 360 Solutions’ many complexities, particularly the multiple pay and bill methods used and challenges that international pay and bill presents. We had to ensure that both weekly and monthly pay and bill works smoothly and month end reporting of NFI is done without re-work and delay. With so many variables at play, flexibility was crucial for their internal staff and clients.  

After grasping the inner workings of their business, we got to work across all three UK brands. We completed the full system implementation, putting a welcome end to the software mismatch they had in place prior to the project. This included working closely with the payroll professionals who had grown used to the old systems. Our team helped them to configure the new software, training staff to carry out their roles and sorting out any new system requirements arising after Go Live.

Naturally, each of Staffing 360 Solutions’ brands has its own specific needs. So, we ensured the software was tailored to each area, securing harmonious functions across the board.  Where needed, we also stepped in to support vacant roles within the back office (e.g. in accounting) while the business sourced the right talent without concern that there will be business interruption due to a lack of resource or required knowledge.

Present- and future-focused

Workr Solutions not only unlocked the great potential of the software platform for Staffing 360 Solutions, but we fixed real-time system and workflow issues too whilst giving them a dependable experienced resource as it built up their team over eight months. This has provided a welcome safety net for the group, while enabling them to roll out the now fully functioning software across other agencies as and when necessary. 

What’s more, hiring full-time payroll administrators or accountants in a hurry to fill personnel gaps would have proved costly if they didn’t work out. By gaining a deep knowledge of their company and a clear vision of their requirements for success, our team was able to plug the gap without breaking the bank. Lending our dedicated account experts is part of what we do for our clients, and this service will continue to be available for Staffing 360 Solutions as it grows it’s presence in the UK and elsewhere.

“If the software company, who are the owners of the software, are saying [Workr are] the firm to talk to when working with the software, it gives you some confidence.” – Geneva Locke, Senior Vice President – Corporate Controller (US & UK) at Staffing 360 Solutions

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