A Guide to Statements of Works

Following the introduction of the IR35 reforms to the private sector in April 2021 private sector businesses (engagers) that utilise personal service company (PSC) contractors have been presented with some complex challenges.

The changes in responsibilities brought about by the reforms have increased financial risk, added administrative burden, and reduced available and flexible skills and expertise hindering their ability to provide services or complete projects efficiently and profitably.

In response, many agencies and engagers have looked at alternative methods of engagement that would help retain access to a flexible and skilled resource whilst complying with or circum-navigating the IR35 legislation. One such common idea has been the Statement of Works or SoW.

Touted by some as the answer and a guaranteed solution to IR35, the Statement of Works presents an alternative solution to providing services but must not be mistaken for an IR35 get-out.

Workr Compliance has compiled a useful guide to Statement of Works that explains everything you need to know:

  • What exactly is is a Statement of Works and who uses them?
  • What details should be included in a Statement of Works and how do you manage them?
  • How can a Statement of Works impact IR35 and does it offer a realistic solution?

To get the answers and determine if a Statement of Works approach could benefit your business download the guide or contact us for a free no obligation discussion.

Email Andrew Webster, Founder and Director Workr Compliance at aw@workrgroup.com

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